UFC on Fox 9: Johnson Vs Benavidez 2 – UFC Debuts Analysis

UFC on Fox 9 Johnson Vs Benavidez 2 - UFC Debuts Analysis

UFC on Fox 9 will set the stage for a flyweight championship rematch between Joseph Benavidez and division kingpin Demetrious Johnson. It will also feature two UFC debuts, both in the 125 LBS division.

Zach “Fun Size” Makovsky (16-4)

Zach "Fun Size" Makovsky

Zach “Fun Size” Makovsky is a former Bellator Bantamweight season 3 tournement winner and inaugural champion. After being let go following two losses, Fun Size has regained his footing with two wins outside major promotions. Tomorrow night, he will fill in for the injured John Dodson against one-time UFC/WEC bantamweight contender “Young Guns” Scott Jorgensen (14-7).

Makovsky owns a record of 16-4 (1 KO, 6 SUB, 9 DEC). Based on his official website bio, Fun Size has wrestled his entire life since the age of six...

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UFC Fight Night 33: Hunt Vs Big Foot – UFC Debuts Analysis

UFC Fight Night: Hunt Vs Big Foot Rookie Analysis

UFC Fight Night: Hunt Vs Big Foot will come live from Brisbane Australia. In total, seven fighters are set to make their UFC debuts at the event. With the sport of MMA growing at breakneck speed, the prospects joining the UFC these days just keep getting younger, and barring a few exceptional cases, the majority of them own near-flawless records. With the level of competition evolving, evaluating a prospect’s worth can no longer be determined by simply taking win-loss records at face value. The days of the UFC pitting bitch-tittied ham-and-eggers against one another are long gone, and contrary to Dana White’s flip-flop on the matter, MMA is going mainstream whether he believes it or not. As such, the newest breed of fighters come fully equipped with all sorts of features...

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The Definitive Georges St-Pierre UFC Theme Compilation

GSP Knows Hip Hop

UFC 167 has come and gone, and while much digital ink has spilled about the so-called robbery that occurred when Georges St-Pierre was announced as STILLLLLLL the UFC welterweight champion of the world, earning him a split decision victory that polarized much of the MMA universe, there is little doubt in anyone’s mind that Rush has a guaranteed spot waiting for him in the UFC Hall of Fame. His face may have been mangled and bruised up from eating 70% of Bigg Rigg’s alledged power, but in the grander scheme of things, GSP’s legacy as one of the best pound-for-pound fighters in the history of MMA remains untouchable.

As UFC President Dana White pushes for an immediate rematch for Hendricks, GSP’s future with the UFC at present is a matter of speculation...

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UFC Posters: A History of Main Event F*ckery (1993-2013)

Dana White is Puzzled

On the eve of the UFC’s twentieth anniversary, I decided to dig a little. It’s no secret that the world’s premiere MMA organization has seen its share of peaks and lowlights in recent memory, especially as it pertains to the injury curse that seems rear its ugly head whenever it damn well pleases. My initial idea for writing this piece was to dig up maaaaybe half a dozen pre and post revamped UFC posters from those cursed events, but as I dug deeper and deeper, the list grew unfathomably larger than expected. So here it is: a near-complete history of UFC main event changes, as told by the posters. Enjoy.

Disclaimer: All UFC event poster images in this post are copyrights of Zuffa, LLC. They are used here for the unique purpose of providing informative entertainment.

UFC 33: Tito...

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Wu-Tang Clan: The Kung Fu Movies that Inspired their Names

Do you know which Kung Fu flicks inspired the names of each Wu-Tang member?

When Wu-Tang first brought the motherfucking ruckus in the early 90s, they infused the East Coast rap movement with a new sound, bringing with them flashy characters, lyrical grime and rhyme schemes laced with skits, slangs and samples inspired by old school kung fu movies. Over the years, hip hop heads coast to coast have tried to decipher the aliases of Wu-Tang members in an attempt to pinpoint the kung fu flicks that inspired each of their monikers. Some were obvious, but figuring out a few of them necessitated a level of mental dexterity that would be required to solve a Rubik’s Cube. The good news is, out of the nine original members (Sorry Cappadonna.) I am 100% 95% certain about seven of them, and I am pretty sure confident about the other two...

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